• Parrillada "La Chaparra" $43.99

    [Plate for 2] 4 Grilled jumbo shrimp, beef, chicken fajitas, and sausage. Served on a bed of grilled onions and topped with our Chaparra sauce.

  • NUMERO UNO FOR ONE 20.99 | FOR TWO $41.99

    1/4 lb. of beef or chicken fajitas and three grilled shrimp on a bed of onions.

  • Parrillada teotihuacan $54.99

    Two chargrilled quails, beef short ribs, 4 grilled jumbo shrimp, beef and chicken fajitas and one Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese.

  • El John FOR ONE $20.99 | FOR TWO $41.99

    Beef and Chicken fajitas, two bacon wrapped grilled shrimp, sausage link, on a bed of grilled onions

  • el Rey for one $$20.99 | For two $41.99

    Baby back B.B.Q. ribs, two jumbo grilled shrimp, three ounces of beef fajitas on a bed of grilled onions.


  • Fajita poblana for one $22.49

    Chicken or beef fajitas sautéed in poblano peppers, mushrooms, onions, cilantro, wine, and cram sauce.

  • Numero dos FOR ONE $20.99 | for two $41.99

    Beef short ribs, chicken & beef fajitas, and grilled shrimp.

  • Fajitas for one Chicken $17.99 | Beef or Mixed $19.99

    Half pound of beef, chicken or mixed Fajitas.

  • Fajitas for two Chicken $34.99 | Beef or mixed $36.99

    One pound of beef, chicken or mixed fajitas.