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   Teotihuacán (Pronounced Te-o-tee-wa-can) was one of the most important religious sites in pre-Hispanic México and one of the greatest city of the Mesoamerican classic period. The name Teotihuacán was given by the Nahuatl-speaking Aztec centuries after the fall of the city. The term has been glossed as ‘birthplace of the gods,’ reflecting Nahuatl creation myths that took place in Teotihuacán. The metropolis covered 9 sq. mi., and is located about 25 miles north of modern-day Mexico City. The reconstructed Pyramid of the Sun stands at the center of the ruined city, rising more than 230 ft. above “La Calzada de los muertos” (The Avenue of the dead), which runs in front of it. At the end of the avenue is the smaller Pyramid of the Moon.

   The Mexican Cuisine roots come from an Indian and Spanish mixture, the most evident sample of it are the “antojitos”.The Spaniards, who brought the beef, pork and chicken meat, the cream of milk and the cheese, liked very much the Mexican original food such as tortillas, beans, peppers, tomatoes, green tomatoes and aromatic herbs such as “epazote”, coriander (cilantro), and the “hoja santa”. The Mexican kitchen is very versatile. There are recipes and ingredients to excite all taste.

  Remember, just because you’ve had a “taco” or “enchilada” doesn’t mean you’ve experienced Mexican Food. It only means you’ve scratched the surface of this country’s traditional culinary delights.